A stand-up restaurant between Fuyacho and Miyukicho in Nishiki Market, Kyoto with photos


Speaking of Kyoto’s Nishiki Market, it has prospered mainly as a fish market during the Edo period, but since the establishment of the Kyoto Central Wholesale Market in 1927, it is the first place where various shops like today are gathered became. Currently, there are about 130 stores, attracting many tourists as well as locals. In recent years, many foreign tourists have visited.Recently, there are more shops where you can eat standing. In this article, I will introduce a restaurant that stands between Fuyacho and Miyukicho in Nishiki Market with photos.

NOTOYO River fish shop

This shop is famous for charcoal-grilled eel baking and liver. Standing eating items included grilled eel skewers (500 yen), quail sesame 70 yen, duck meatball 200 yen, and sparrow 500 skewers. Everything is standing up here and a little bad, but you can eat while walking slowly.


There are many tempura here where you can eat at this shop. There are Japanese tempura tempura and shrimp tempura, but the most tempura-like tempura is Kyoto. They are sold for 500 yen each as shown in the picture.


Here you can not just eat what you bought, but you can taste grilled chestnuts, marron glace, etc. and drink black soybean tea to get them to buy. Both roasted chestnuts and black bean tea are very delicious, so you will want to buy them.


It is a seafood shop. Crabs and octopus are particularly noticeable.



When I walked from Nishiki Market from Kawaramachi, I walked west from Miyukicho Street and picked up 4 restaurants as a standing eatery between Fuyamachi Street. After all, seafood-related products are outstanding in the tradition of the Nishiki Market, but I felt that the shop for baked chestnuts and black beans @ Kyotamba was very prominent.

Please enjoy eating at Nishiki Market.